YouTube Channel is coming

As I said in the last post, a lot of planning has gone into this. I'm converting one of the bedrooms in my house into the "set" and have been working on topics, clinics and how-to videos in preparation and I've even been lining up guest appearances! I am so close now to making this a reality! I work full time so this hasn't come along as quickly as I had hoped but alas, progress is progress! The sole mission of the channel and this supporting site is to try to get more men to knit by sharing resources and tools, seeing how simple it can be and celebrating those men who do knit. The channel will have regular sections, and a few revolving ones. I will commit to keeping good show notes with time markers for the sections. Hopefully this will allow future viewers who find a relevant section they like to be able to go directly to that section if they so choose. I have a musician friend, Frank Ortiz, who performs as the band Universal Doctrine and he created the intro music music to MAN vs KNITTING and you can learn more about Universal Doctrine by visiting here. I don't want to give too much away but be sure to check out the YouTube page when we get started for all of the details! Thanks!