The channel is HERE!

I'm so excited that after all the planning, designing, setbacks (Hurricane Harvey) and hard work the Man VS Knitting YouTube channel is finally here. I'm very happy from the immediate feedback but until I can get more guys knitting - have I really succeeded? This is my challenge - to show that knitting is a viable hobby just as any other! In my opinion it's better than most because of its portability, it's inexpensive initial cost, its practically (you can make clothes!) and it's therapeutic ability.  That is one of my challenges but even bigger than that is the knitting stigma. It is NOT, I repeat NOT, just a female activity.  But the average guy wouldn't know that while picking up the last copy of Knit Simple or Vogue Knitting or perusing the craft section of their local bookstore. Now don't get me wrong, I like knitting shawls for both their easy shaping as well as the ability to be challenged with colorwork or pattern combinations.  Shawls are typically seen as garments for women, though people like Stephen West or StevenB will have you think otherwise. Men like that are leading the charge but while their designs are colorful and combine stitches very creatively - is it appealing to the masses?  I would like to think, why not?  However progressive my home town of Houston, TX, the third largest metroplex, I can say that the answer is a resounding no.  Admittedly, Houston is in a sub-tropical climate, Zone 9 on the USDA Plant Hardiness Map, so knitwear isn't all that prevalent.

But what are the designs that appeal to guys?  Beer koozies? Socks? One is a lot easier to knit than the other, for the beginner knitter.  That is what I plan on sharing with the new knitter, and listening to what they want to knit. If you are someone that wants to knit, what do you think you'd want to make? If you are a new knitter, what is in your imagination? I ask because while my first answer is - you can make it, whatever it is! I'll also add that whatever it is takes learning new stitches and/or techniques, and the practice of those stitches and/or techniques, to allow you to make that very thing.  My goal is to give you the foundation to be able to make almost everything you come across or imagine. A lot of teachers think that if they get you making an item, you'll be excited enough to complete it. However without the foundation about what to expect when making said item, you could experience frustration and/or quit before you've begun. I want to avoid all of that by giving you some simple instruction, and allowing you to progress at your pace. Together we can get you making that thing in your imagination.