Had a Fantastic Day….

You met Drew Emborsky when I interviewed him and you know he's part of Houston's only men's stitching group, FIBERMEN, but did you know he was also... Captain Housekeeper! He's empowering men across the land to take charge of their homes and automate and delegate whenever possible. He has a saying that I've applied to my life a long time ago but he's put it into words: "No matter what life throws at me, I have the ability to make this a fantastic day!" He and I both share that sentiment and he "interviewed" me recently to that end.  You can see the interview here:

Charles Clark II's Fantastic Friday


Additionally, this past weekend was the Houston Fiber Fest (HFF).  As you know, I haven't put out an episode so you might not have known about it but I would like to share my experience with it. The story starts a couple of months ago when I was talking to my friend, Cat Bordhi, and she told me she was coming to Houston to teach at HFF.  I insisted that I would pick her up from, and take her back to, the airport.  Over the next couple of weeks I realized, I'm going to be at HFF already - why don't I just take you back and forth to your hotel as well?  I wanted to give her the respite that is needed after a day of teaching and I was happy to do it. Fast forward to the week before the event and while I knew I couldn't get the episode out beforehand I thought I could make a bigger episode from the HFF. I did my research on the vendor list, looking at every company's website/Blog/Facebook page and found that there was only 2 vendors who had male owners and any other mentions were a wife/husband team. Rancho Inca Alpacas (who I had interviewed at the DFW Fiber Fest) and Lost City Knits (who has declined to be interviewed before) were the male owned vendors.  With that knowledge I thought - perhaps the HFF wasn't going to be the "treasure trove" I was hoping for of male interviews. Something told me to take classes instead so I took a reversible tunisian crochet class Friday morning, planning on videoing on the vendor floor on Friday afternoon, and Cat's all-day classes on Saturday and Sunday.  Well the day before the event, I lost my voice.  I don't mean a temporary thing - I had some allergic reaction to the air and my voice and throat were down for the count.  Luckily, I didn't feel that bad - but I sounded bad.  So on Thursday I picked Cat up from the airport and we went to dinner.  Friday I picked her up and we went to our separate classes, though she was teaching hers. Afterward my voice was barely hanging on so I knew it was only going to be pictures - no video. I was so happy to see people I knew (and other vendors I can't wait to share with you) that I didn't rest my voice making arrangements and connections and late Friday afternoon - I completely lost my voice. Saturday and Sunday were spent fine tuning my knitting skills in Cat's classes (& resting my voice). During class she was so kind to promote both my YouTube channel and the FIBERMEN group - in both classes! Sunday night I took Cat to dinner and got her to the airport.  I was sad to see her go but I know our worlds will intersect again very soon.


All that was great but here is the really magical part that happened at HFF. While I was in the vendor hall Friday I was approached by the mother of Night Owl Fiber who said she watched the channel and really liked it. When I was at Cat Bordhi's talk on Saturday night this lovely women named Vanessa said she watched and was extremely complimentary about the content. Then on Sunday, I decided to run to the bathroom before class started and I was stopped on the way by another wonderful woman who not only watched and complimented the content but TOLD me to keep going.  I can't tell you what these three experiences meant to me! I was overjoyed - flabbergasted even - simply blown away. I had NO idea that what I was doing was enjoyed by anyone. I knew I liked the format and the content and I knew that some of it would help the average knitter to expand their horizons but I had no idea others liked it.  Now I do and I can tell you that I will continue.  I will keep going and I thank you for your patience as I get into the rhythm of it. Thank you to everyone who watches and keep knitting!