Knowledge is shared.  Below are a few questions and answers.  As I get more inquiries, I will share them and the answers here.

What do you need to knit?

Yarn and two knitting needles.  Truly that's it.  Sure, there are tools and accessories that can make the job easier or more organized but at it's core it's simply yarn and needles.

Who can knit?

Anyone!  I have taught people all over the country to knit - all shapes, sizes, abilities, ages... Anyone can knit and all it takes is practice.

What is the difference between wool and yarn?

In many parts of Europe, like the U.K., they call the "string" used to knit, wool.  Yarn is the term more prevalent in the U.S. however yarn can be made out of wool, adding to the confusion.  Yarn can also be made out of bamboo, cotton, sea cell as well as fur from bison, possum, angora rabbits, angora goats, alpacas and more.