Focus and FiberMen

"You're videos are too long" or "I tried watching but didn't have enough time" or "They're just fine...."  I've heard you all!  I have changed the format, but not the content.  To me, the content is important because there are tools, places, ideas that can make you a better knitter. The format change just means that instead of each segment airing back to back in the same video, they are separate videos.  This allows you to see exactly how long a section is and allows me to add each video to 2 different playlists: the episode playlist and that segment's playlist.  So if you eventually want to watch all the HIStory interviews or all the WebSight info - you can - simply by going to that segment's playlist. Or, you can go to the episode playlist to see them in order of how they were intended to be viewed.

Do you like the new format?  I hope so because a lot of thought went into it (and a lot of discussion) and I think it is the best option.  I also came up with a thumbnail system that I hope is easy to read.  It is my hope that you can find the information/topic that you want to as quickly as possible.

FiberMen, Houston, Texas' only men's stitching group is well underway.  We formed both a Facebook and Ravelry group for ease in communication when not sitting around knitting facing each other: and The nation's 3rd largest municipality needs to have a thriving men's group and that is why we are going to meet twice a month, starting this month. Fellowship is important and that is why leading the way is imperative.

Following that train of thought is what led me to delete the Knitting Clinic videos I had created. When rewatching I realized that I made them as if I was speaking to a person who was exposed to knitting. Why should someone who already knits, need to know how to? Who I should have been speaking to is the guy that wants a hobby and is considering knitting. The one who has no experience with it. That's who I'll be keeping in the forefront of my mind as I make Knitting Clinic in the future.