Two Down and a show to go

Well I'm glad that the channel is growing slowly, because the learning curve is more of a long bridge. I say that but it's not that bad because I can see the other side! I have to because this is important to me. Having a channel to potentially inspire other men to knit or get involved in whatever capacity they want - that's all I ask. There are many ways to do that and that's why I want to continue to interview other guys, visit websites that empower or entertain the knitter, talk about shows around the world and share a little bit about my own journey.

This upcoming weekend is the DFW Fiber Fest, in Dallas, Tx. I wanted to have a third episode up before going but it hasn't worked out that way.  I am SO excited to be going however and will be covering the event trying to get interviews with as many guys as I can. I want you to hear their stories.  What made them want to knit? I have two "big" name interviews scheduled but I also want to talk to the average guy.  I'll be on the showroom floor all day Friday and Saturday so if you see me - say hi!